Rio de Janeiro

Population: 158,739,257

Coastline: 7,491 km

Mostly tropical, but temperate in south

Mostly flat to rolling lowlands in north; some plains, hills, mountains, and narrow coastal belt

Natural resources:
Iron ore, manganese, bauxite, nickel, uranium, phosphates, tin, hydropower, gold, platinum, petroleum, timber

Languages: Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French

Property Buying Services

Buying property in Brazil

Buying property in Brazil is actually a very clear and straightforward process, but there can be many pitfalls for the unaware. For this reason we only work with reputable developers, estate agents and lawyers to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient transaction. Below we set out information on why you should choose us to help you buy your dream home in Brazil.

  • We only use Brazilian Bar Approved lawyers.
  • Our real estate agent in Brazil has over 22 years experience and is CRECI approved.
  • All documents for the property’s listed on our site have been thoroughly checked for any legal discrepancies.
  • Help to obtain a CPF (tax registration number) which is required to buy real estate or open a bank account in Brazil.
  • Help with opening bank accounts in Brazil.
  • Advise on were to purchase your foreign currency to buy your dream home
  • Document translation service (additional cost).
  • Engineers structural reports for piece of mind before buying your home (additional cost).
  • Accomodation can be arranged for inspection trips (extra cost).
  • Airport pickup service.

Once you have bought your home we can provide the following services at additional cost.

  • Caretaker service to look after your property, clean the pool, tidy the garden etc…so your property is in excellent condition all year round.
  • Recommend reliable builders and tradesmen for general repair/improvements or even to build your dream home.
  • House keepers can be provided to clean, cook even do the shopping so you have an even more relaxing stay.
  • Help with the installation of telephones, internet, and even security systems.
  • Utility payment advise.

Buying Costs

Property purchase cost these are the typical transaction costs.

  • Property tax varies between 2% - 3% depending on the location, this tax being levied on the declared purchase price.
  • Lawyers and Notary fees are charged for checking certificates and registers, that there are no debts owed on the property, for proofing contracts, advising on obligations and registration of the property in the new owner’s name. This cost varies between 0.2% and 2% of the property value, depending on the type of property. Quotes can be requested on your behalf.

Yearly Running Costs

  • ITPU local municipal tax.
  • Utility bills, gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet etc…

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